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A layered configuration loader with zero-boilerplate configuration management.

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  2. Features
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  4. Key Convension
  5. Cargo Features
    1. Default features
    2. Optional features
  6. Quick Example


salak is a rust version of layered configuration loader inspired by spring-boot. salak provide an [Environment] structure which load properties from various [PropertySource]s. Any structure which impmement [FromEnvironment] can get from [Environment] by a key. Feature enable_derive provide rust attributes for auto derive [FromEnvironment].


Below are a few of the features which salak supports.

  • Auto mapping properties into configuration struct.
    • #[salak(default="value")] set default value.
    • #[salak(name="key")] rename property key.
    • #[salak(prefix="salak.database")] set prefix.
  • ** Supports load properties from various sources **
    • Load properties from command line arguments.
    • Load properties from system environment.
    • Load properties from toml config file.
    • Load properties from yaml config file.
    • Easy to add a new property source.
  • Supports profile(develop/production) based configuration.
  • Supports placeholder resolve.
  • Supports reload configurations.


  • ${key:default} means get value of key, if not exists then return default.
  • ${key} means get value of key, if not exists then return PropertyError::NotFound(_).
  • \$\{key\} means escape to ${key}.

Key Convension

  • a.b.c is a normal key separated by dot(.).
  • a.b[0], a.b[1], a.b[2]... is a group of keys with arrays.

Cargo Features

Default features

  1. enable_log, enable log record if enabled.
  2. enable_toml, enable toml support.
  3. enable_derive, enable auto derive [FromEnvironment] for struts.

Optional features

  1. enable_clap, enable default command line arguments parsing by clap.
  2. enable_yaml, enable yaml support.

Quick Example

use salak::*;

#[derive(FromEnvironment, Debug)]
pub struct SslConfig {
    key: String,
    pem: String,

#[derive(FromEnvironment, Debug)]
#[salak(prefix = "database")]
pub struct DatabaseConfig {
  url: String,
  #[salak(default = "salak")]
  username: String,
  password: Option<String>,
  description: String,
  ssl_config: Option<SslConfig>,  

std::env::set_var("database.url", "localhost:5432");
std::env::set_var("database.description", "\\$\\{Hello\\}");
let env = Salak::new()
   .with_default_args(auto_read_sys_args_param!()) // This line need enable feature `enable_clap`.

match env.load_config::<DatabaseConfig>() {
    Ok(val) => println!("{:?}", val),
    Err(e) => println!("{}", e),

// Output: DatabaseConfig {
//  url: "localhost:5432",
//  username: "salak",
//  password: None,
//  description: "${Hello}",
//  ssl_config: None,
// }


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