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A minimal, safe library for scoped async tasks

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safe-async-scoped is a minimal wrapper around FuturesUnordered in the futures crate that simulates scoped tasks. Unlike async-scoped and even crossbeam-scoped etc, safe-async-scoped

  • Is completely safe to use
  • Has no unsafe code in its implementation
  • Has no dependencies other than futures
  • Is completely runtime-agnostic

Note that "tasks" spawned with safe-async-scoped will not be sent to the executor as separate tasks, and will thus only run on one thread. On the plus side, none of the futures have to be Send.


let listener = Async::new(TcpListener::bind("").unwrap()).unwrap();
let lala = String::from("hello");
   let scope = Scope::new();
       .start(async {
           loop {
               let (client, _) = listener.accept().await.unwrap();
               scope.spawn(async {
                   handle(client, &lala).await;


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