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RISCV instruction decoding and execution

3 releases

0.0.3 Jul 22, 2020
0.0.2 Jul 16, 2020
0.0.1 Jul 7, 2020

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MIT license


Rysk Core

RISCV decoding and execution primitives. All you need to implement your own virtual RISCV machine.

Virtual Machine

If you are looking for a working virtual machine you want Rysk. This is a library for building RISCV virtual machines.


Please not that 0.0 versions do not guarantee a stable ABI. Anything may change at any time during early development.

First, add a dependency to your Cargo.toml:

    rysk-core = "0.0.3"

Then in your project,

    // Implement a memory management unit
    impl rysk_core::Mmu</* Register Size */> for YourMmu { /* ... */ }

    // Run your system
    fn main() {
        let mmu = YourMmu::new();
        let core = rysk_core::Core::</* Register Size */>::new(/* PC initial address */);

        loop {
            // fetch, then decode & execute
            core.execute(mmu.fetch_instruction(core.pc), &mut mmu).expect("Unable to decode instruction");


Current Goals

  • Compatability with all platforms std supports
  • Support for RV32IMA and RV64IMA
  • Dependency-free
  • Support for the Privileged ISA

Future Goals

  • Performance
  • Support for all well defined base extensions


Note: This list does not account for errors and/or bugs in the implementation. Perfect compliance is not guaranteed

If an instruction does not behave as specified please leave an issue

Extension Support
RV32I Partial
RV32E None*
RV64I Full
Zifencei None
Zicsr Partial
N None
M Full
A None
F None
D None
Q None
C None
G Partial
Zam N/A
Ztso Always

*Support for the embedded extension is low priority. Const-generics will make implementing this feature much cleaner and as such supporting RV32E is not planned until const-generics land in stable Rust.

Privilege Levels

Level Support
Machine Partial
Supervisor None
User None


Most extensions are enabled through cargo features.

Extension Feature
Zicsr default
Zicsr ext-csr

The base extension (RV32I, RV64I) is set through the generic register type used. MXLEN is a set at compile time and therefore cannot be changed by RISCV programs (ie. misa[MXLEN] is read-only).

No runtime deps


  • ext-csr
  • ext-m