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A tool to help sync items in your local and remove server, pushing only modifications just like rsync

  • You can ignore files and folders by creating a .xsyncignore file in the base directory similar way you'd write a .gitignore file

  • To sync a file or directory to a remote server

use std:: path::Path;
use rxsync::{connection::SshCred, sync, connection::AuthOption};

//multiple auth options include
//Attempt basic password authentication.
let auth1= AuthOption::UserauthPassword("ssh_username".to_string(), "ssh_password".to_string());
//authenticate the current connection with the first public key found in an SSH agent
let auth2= AuthOption::UserauthAgent("ssh_username".to_string());
//Attempt public key authentication using a PEM encoded private key file stored on disk
let auth3= AuthOption::UserauthPubkeyFile("ssh_username".to_string(), Some(&Path::new("pub_key")), &Path::new("private_key"), Some("passphrase"));

let conn =SshCred::new(

sync(&conn, &Path::new("source_path/"), Some(Path::new("dir_path"))).unwrap();
  • This creates a .xsync.toml file in the base directory which is a snapshot of the latest synced files and directories on the server This file is how xsync can track what files or dir to update, delete or upload

  • To clone a directory or file

use std:: path::Path;
use rxsync::{connection::SshCred, clone_dir, clone_file, connection::AuthOption};

let auth= AuthOption::UserauthAgent("ssh_username".to_string());
let conn =SshCred::new(

clone_dir(&conn, &Path::new("dir_to_clone"), &Path::new("write_dest")).unwrap();

//config_dest is the destination you wish to write your .xsync.toml file which is optional
clone_file(&conn, &Path::new("file_to_clone"), &Path::new("write_dest"), Some(&Path::new("config_dest"))).unwrap();


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