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A SQLite and fuse mountable archive filesystem

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0.1.0 Jul 13, 2021

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A read-write mountable archive filesystem, similar to squashfs, but read-write and more wasteful, based on fuse and a sqlite archive.

The primary goal of this is that it should be fun to make, and should be educational for future work with rwtagfs.

This will be a filesystem as a sqlite archive, but intended to be compressable and easy to work with both as a live filesystem and as an archive that can be easily extracted through Sqlite.

This will have the following features:

  • Mountable as a FUSE filesystem
  • Extractable as an archive
  • Full POSIX ACLs, attributes, and extended attributes
  • Block-based file storage for more efficient file writing, and sparse files.
  • Full compression support, with each block individually compressed, so a single file can be saved with different compressions, and changing compression doesn't break anything.
  • Full consistency ensured by SQLite transactions.

Basically, we want an efficient, compact, read-writable squashfs as a SQLite archive, with a reference implementation written in Rust.


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