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RISC-V emulator core implementation

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NOTE: This project is currently under intensely development. The source code might be changed dramatically.

How to use

Create an Emulator object, place a binary data in DRAM and set the program counter to DRAM_BASE. The binary data must contain no headers for now. The example is here:

use rvemu::bus::DRAM_BASE;
use rvemu::emulator::Emulator;

fn main() {
    // Create a dummy binary data.
    let data = vec![
        0x93, 0x0f, 0xa0, 0x02, // addi x31, x0, 42

    // Create an emulator object.
    let mut emu = Emulator::new();
    // Place the binary data in the beginning of DRAM.
    // Set the program counter to 0x8000_0000, which is the address DRAM starts.
    // Start the emulator.

    // `IllegalInstruction` is raised for now because of the termination condition of the emulator,
    // but the register is successfully updated.
    assert_eq!(42, emu.cpu.xregs.read(31));

See the example usage in rvemu/lib/rvemu-cli/src/main.rs.


Now, supports the following features (will be added in the future):

  • RV64G ISA
  • RV64C ISA
  • Privileged ISA
  • Control and status registers (CSRs)
  • Virtual memory system (Sv39)
  • Devices
    • UART: universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter
    • CLINT: core local interruptor
    • PLIC: platform level interrupt controller
    • Virtio


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