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A simple http server library written in Rust and provide Express-alike APIs. We know that Rust is hard and daunting, so we will make sure your server can be easy to use without fear!

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0.4.3 Jul 31, 2019
0.4.1 Feb 25, 2019
0.3.6 Dec 6, 2018
0.3.5 Aug 21, 2018
0.2.9 Mar 16, 2018
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What is this

This is a simple http-server library written in Rust and provide Express-alike APIs. We know Rust is hard and daunting to use, so the goal of this project is to make sure your server can be easy to construct without fears such that you can focus on the business logic.

Many of today's popular Rust-based web framework are verbose and would take efforts to learn, one will usually have to be familiar with advanced Rust features or API libraries in order to finish a seemingly easy job in other language's framework. That's why we started this project -- we want it to be easy to use as a back-end technology, and provide native experience similar to Node's Express framework. That's where this project got its name -- "Rusty Express": a Rust based, Express-alike web framework.

Version 0.3.0+ is a major milestone, from this point on the APIs shall be mostly stable, and we expect to make less, if none, break changes, but please do let us know if you've come across bugs that we should fix, or have met performance bottle necks that we shall try to improve.

What's new in 0.4.2

  • Small fixes

Migrating from 0.2.x to 0.3.0 and beyond

0.2.x versions are good experiments with this project. But we're growing fast with better features and more performance enhancement! That's why we need to start the 0.3.x versions with slight changes to the interface APIs.

Here're what to expect when updating from 0.2.x to 0.3.0:

  • The route handler function's signature has changed, now the request and response objects are boxed! So now your route handler should have something similar to this:
pub fn handler(req: &Box<Request>, resp: &mut Box<Response>) {
    /// work hard to generate the response here...
  • The StateProvider trait is deprecated (and de-factor no-op in 0.3.0), and it will be removed in the 0.3.3 release. Please switch to use the ServerContext features instead. You can find how to use the ServerContext in this example: Server with defined router

How to use

In your project's Cargo.toml, add dependency:

rusty_express = "^0.3.0"

In src\main.rs:

extern crate rusty_express;

use rusty_express::prelude::*;

fn main() {
    //A http server with default thread pool size of 4
    let mut server = HttpServer::new();
    //Change thread pool size from 8 (default) to 10.

    //Route definition
    server.get(RequestPath::Exact("/"), handler);

    //Listen to port 8080, server has started.

pub fn handler(req: &Box<Request>, resp: &mut Box<Response>) {
    resp.send("Hello world from the rusty-express server!\n");



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