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Last.fm Scrobble library for Rust

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rustfm-scrobble is a Last.fm Scrobble API 2.0 library for Rust. It allows easy acccess to the "scrobble" and "now playing" notification endpoints through a simple Rust API.


rustfm-scrobble exposes a single struct: Scrobbler. Use Scrobbler::new() with your API key and API secret to build a new Scrobbler. Call authenticate() on your Scrobbler with the username & password of the user to record scrobbles against (this matches the UX of most popular clients like Spotify). Once the Scrobbler is authenticated, call now_playing() and scrobble() to update the user's now playing track or log a new scrobbled track. Note that rustfm-scrobble does nothing to enforce Last.fm's scrobble rules , this logic must be implemented by the client program.


rustfm-scrobble is beta quality. It is feature complete (authentication, now playing and scrobbles all work correctly), however remains a work in progress and some public API modifications are expected.


MIT license, see ./LICENSE.


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