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= Rust RCON Too

A simple tool to send commands to a Rust server via RCON.

== Installation

cargo install rust-rcon

== Usage

USAGE: rust-rcon [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] ...

FLAGS: -h, --help Prints help information --ssl Enable SSL -V, --version Prints version information

OPTIONS: -p, --port RCON Port [default: 28016]

ARGS: Rust Server name or IP RCON Password ... Commands to execute on server. Pass '-' to read from STDIN

== Examples

.Print "Setting time to 9am" and setting time to 9am

rust-rcon myrustserver.gg Kappa123 "say Setting time to 9am" "time.env 9"

.Using Stdin

cat commands | rust-rcon myrustserver.gg Paaaaaaaassword -

.Using a non-standard port

rust-rcon -p 200013 coolrustserver.com CHANGE_ME "say :)"

== License

This project is licensed under the link:LICENSE[MIT license]


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