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rust-pm - Intro

This is a pocket process manager. At some point it will be a better imitation of systemd Take a look at this asciicast.

Using it is very simple, just drop a rust-pm.toml in the same folder your rust-pm starts with a config like:

server-port = "localhost:4000"
[bad_sleeper] # Process name
command = "./bad_sleeper.py" # right now support 0 args commands
max_retries = 3 # 0 means forever

And with luck you open your browser at localhost:4000 and will see something like:

  "command" : "./bad_sleeper.py",
  "max_retries" : 0,
  "name" : "bad_sleeper",
  "status" : {
    "meta" : 1,
    "state" : "running"

rust-pm start and watch the process. If it fails it starts another instance for maximum max_retries times.


By now the stdin, stdout and stder are piped. We may change it to inherited, so the rust-pm output is in fact the process output. It depends on what we will do for logging.


This is a early stage project, Not used in production yet.


  • Augment the API to support scalling processes down and up.
  • Implement 0 max_retries to mean infinite. DONE
  • Allow configuration of workdir for processes.
  • Invest in logging? DONE. So far with simple writeln! since specific threads handle stdout.
  • Implement fern to replace bizarre writeln!
  • Add command line parser to specify config file. So rust-pm can be put on $PATH and run with any config file.




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