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Rust Codegen

Rust Codegen aims to help you generate Rust code programmatically with a simple builder API.


To use rust-codegen, add the following to your Cargo.toml file:



While usage can vary based on what you need, a basic flow is creating a Scope and then adding what you need onto it. Below is a simple example of creating a struct with a couple of fields.

use rust_codegen::Scope;

// A `Scope` is the root of the builder. Everything should be added on to it.
let mut scope = Scope::new();

// Creates a new struct named Foo that derives from `Debug` and have two fields.
    .field("one", "usize")
    .field("two", "String");

// Once turned into a string, the above looks like:
// #[derive(Debug)]
// struct Foo {
//    one: usize,
//    two: String,
// }
println!("{}", scope.to_string());

Make sure to check out the documentation for all of the available features with examples.


This was originally a fork of carllerche's codegen repo with some updates. However, due to the amount of updates and the fact that I needed to publish it on crates.io for other projects, I made it its own thing.




  1. Create a Scope instance.
  2. Use the builder API to add elements to the scope.
  3. Call Scope::to_string() to get the generated code.

For example:

Note: You should not rely on the formatted output as it's very basic. You should instead run the generated code through rustfmt.


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