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rusp is the Rust USP toolkit, brought to you by Axiros!

Rust is a fast and safe systems programming language.

USP (or User Services Platform) is a new protocol for management of connected devices, maintained and developed by the Broadband Forum.

Axiros is a leading company for device management.

What is rusp?

rusp is a toolkit, written in Rust, providing support to work with USP records and messages which are encoded in Protobuf bytestreams.

While a Protobuf schema exists which allows generating bindings for several commonly used programming languages, those are either uncomfortable to use and/or highly unsafe. By leveraging the strong Rust type system and the strict compiler, Rust is capable of detecting many incorrect or incomplete uses of the Protobuf encoding at compile time which allows for confident use of the USP protocol.

What is included?

The toolkit includes:

  • Generated lowlevel Rust Protobuf bindings
  • A library providing:
    • Higher level access to de-/serialisation functionality
    • Convenience functions to generate messages
    • Pretty printing of USP records and messages
    • Serde de-/serialisation of USP records and messages
    • Unittests and documentation (including doctests/examples)
  • A rusp binary granting access to library functionality via command line. Included functionality at the moment are:
    • Decoding of USP Msg Protobuf bytestreams from standard input
    • Decoding of USP Msg Protobuf bytestreams from file(s)
    • Decoding of USP Record Protobuf bytestreams from standard input
    • Decoding of USP Record Protobuf bytestreams from file(s)
    • Extraction of USP Msg Protobuf bytestreams from the payload of a USP Record Protobuf bytestream
    • Generation of USP Msg Protobuf bytestreams and C char arrays for selected messages and Error

How to use it?

rusp binary

rusp includes a binary with the same name demonstrating some of the uses.

At the moment this mostly allows converting Protobuf encapsulated USP Record and Msg structures into human-readable text. It also allows extracting a Msg structure from a Record for own implementations as well as to encode USP

  • Add
  • Delete
  • Error
  • Get
  • GetInstances
  • GetResp
  • GetSupportedDM
  • GetSupportedProtocol
  • Notify
  • NotifyResp
  • Operate
  • Set

messages via command line tool.

NEWSFLASH: 0.14 offers USP 1.3 support. Also, the made-up prototext encoding was removed and JSON is now the default.

In order to download, compile and install the rusp binary it is sufficient to have a stable Rust environment and run:

# cargo install rusp

After this you should be able to use the rusp binary, which has built-in help for all the commands to guide the way.

rusp library

rusp can also be used as a library in your own Rust applications. To use rusp as a library you simply need to add the rusp and most likely quick-protobuf crates to your Cargo.toml as dependencies:


rusp = "0.14"
quick-protobuf = "0.8"


Documentation and examples for its use can be found on docs.rs.

What else?

You may use this crate however you like under the BSD 3-Clause License.

The toolkit is still far from feature complete but already a big aid in our product development and also helped to find one or the other discrepancy in the standard.

Feel free to spread the word or drop us a note if you like it. Collaboration on this crate is highly welcome as are pull requests!

Contact us

If you are in need of software for USP management software (agent, controller or testing) or expertise please get in touch with us via our web form. We're also happy to solve all other your device management and monitoring needs!


BSD 3-Clause License.


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