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AWS SDK for Rust - AWS IoT 1-Click Projects Service @ 2018-05-14

12 breaking releases

0.48.0 Apr 25, 2022
0.47.0 Jun 30, 2021
0.46.0 Jan 6, 2021
0.45.0 Jul 22, 2020
0.36.0 Dec 11, 2018

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Rusoto Iot1ClickProjects

Rust SDK for AWS IoT 1-Click Projects Service

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Rust stable or beta are required to use Rusoto. Nightly is tested, but not guaranteed to be supported. Older versions may be supported. The currently supported Rust versions can be found in the Rusoto project travis.yml.

On Linux, OpenSSL is required if using the native-tls feature.


To use rusoto_iot1click_projects in your application, add it as a dependency in your Cargo.toml:

rusoto_iot1click_projects = "0.48.0"

Crate Features

  • native-tls - use platform-specific TLS implementation.
  • rustls - use rustls TLS implementation.
  • serialize_structs - output structs of most operations get derive(Serialize).
  • deserialize_structs - input structs of most operations get derive(Deserialize).

Note: the crate will use the native-tls TLS implementation by default.




Rusoto is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

See LICENSE for details.


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