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Ruma – Your home in Matrix.

A set of Rust crates (libraries) for interacting with the Matrix chat network.

websitechatdocumentation (unstable)

Getting started

If you want to build a Matrix client or bot, have a look at matrix-rust-sdk. It builds on Ruma and includes handling of state storage, end-to-end encryption and many other useful things.

For homeservers, bridges and harder-to-categorize software that works with Matrix, you're at the right place. To get started, add ruma to your dependencies:

# crates.io release
ruma = { version = "0.8.2", features = ["..."] }
# git dependency
ruma = { git = "https://github.com/ruma/ruma", branch = "main", features = ["..."] }

ruma re-exports all of the other crates, so you don't have to worry about them as a user. Check out the documentation on docs.rs (or on docs.ruma.io if you use use the git dependency).


Ruma 0.8.2 supports all events and REST endpoints of Matrix 1.6.

Various changes from in-progress or finished MSCs are also implemented, gated behind the unstable-mscXXXX (where XXXX is the MSC number) Cargo features.

A few less formalized things are gated behind the unstable-unspecified Cargo feature.



Minimum Rust version

Ruma currently requires Rust 1.65. In general, we will never require beta or nightly for crates.io releases of our crates, and we will try to avoid releasing crates that depend on features that were only just stabilized.

ruma-signatures is an exception: It uses cryptographic libraries that often use relatively new features and that we don't want to use outdated versions of. It is guaranteed to work with whatever is the latest stable version though.




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