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app ruban

A CLI tool to input, start and finish your todos without leaving the terminal

4 releases

0.1.3 Aug 1, 2020
0.1.2 Jul 29, 2020
0.1.1 Jul 29, 2020
0.1.0 Jul 29, 2020

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Why ?

I always add tasks in my head while I have this terminal available in front of me.

Manipulating tasks in the terminal seems way more productive and allows to manipulate them easily and very quickly.

I also wanted to learn Rust, so this is a pet project to experiment with CLI in Rust.

How to use ?

Add a task:

ruban add -t "House" "Repair the garage door"

The -t or --tags flag allows to add tags to a task so they can be sorted and classified. Tags are optional.

Show all tasks:

ruban ls

This command shows the list of all tasks

Remove a task:

ruban rm <number>

Move a task from one status to another:

ruban mv <number> <status>


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