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app rtr_translator

A tool to create translation file for the rtr crate

3 releases

0.1.2 Jul 10, 2020
0.1.1 Apr 5, 2020
0.1.0 Feb 29, 2020

MIT license

240 lines

A tool to create translation files for the rtr librairy

Instruction :

Launch the app and then enter commands.

Commands :

  • view [path]
    Will show you every txt files in the folder in argument. (./lang/ by default)
  • create [path] [filename]
    Will create a new file with every .rs files in the folder. The file will be called [filename].txt (default name "origin") (Current folder by default) Use "." to select the current directory the file will be create in the ./lang directory
  • quit
    Exit the app

How to use it :

  • go to the source directory

  • if the origin file does not exist create it with the "$create" command

  • create new langage from the origin file with the "$create" command


Install with cargo :

cargo install rtr_translator

TODO (as ordered by priority) :

  • access precedent command with the up arrow (as in the terminal)

  • autocompletion

  • GUI