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Rtop Dev

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Developement librairy for making Rtop's Plugin

Quick Example

Rtop let you create plugin for adding custom widgets. Firstly, create a new project:

cargo new --lib MyPlugin

After that, update your Cargo.toml file. It should look like that:

name = "my_plugin"
version = "0.1.0"
edition = "2021"

rtop_dev = "^1.1.0"

name = "my_plugin"
crate-type = ["cdylib"]

Then, edit your src/lib.rs to have somethings like this:

struct FooWidget {}

impl rtop_dev::widget::Widget for FooWidget {
    fn display(&mut self, _height: i32, _width: i32) -> String {
        String::from("Hello World RTop!")

pub extern "Rust" fn init_foo() -> (Box<dyn rtop_dev::plugin::Plugin>, bool) {
    (Box::new(FooWidget{}), false)

To build your lib, simply run:

cargo build --lib --release

Your plugin should be located here target/release/libmy_plugin.so.

Remember these things, For each widget you want to create, you must make a function called init_{WIDGET} which return a Box<dyn rtop_dev::plugin::Plugin and a bool that defines if your widget should receive input from the user or not. Don't forget to add #[no_mangle] in front of each init function. Otherwise, it will not be exported




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