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Rsush is Rust single Unix shell. This program is written in Rust programming language. This program is Unix shell.

Compliance with standard

This shell is most compliant with the SUSv3 (Single UNIX Specification Version 3). Non-compliance with the SUSv3 is most caused size of the shell. This shell contains the built-in commands. These built-in commands are from the SUSv3. This program doesn't contain non-standard built-in commands.


You can install this program by invoke the following command:

cargo install rsush

Configuration files

This shell reads two following configuration files in interactive mode:

  • /etc/rsushrc
  • ~/.rsushrc

These configuration files are scripts for this shell.


This shell loads and saves the ~/.rsush_history file that is history file in interactive mode. This file contains command lines which were invoked in this shell. The history size is defined by the RSUSH_HISTSIZE variable in lines. If this variable isn't set, the history size is 500 lines.


This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 or later. See the LICENSE file for the full licensing terms.


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