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app rss4mdbook

a generator for mdBook as CLI tool, export RSS.xml into u want path

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RSS for mdBook

a generator for mdBook as CLI tool, export RSS.xml into u want path...


mdBook is great, but not auto export RSS, and the mdbook-rss is not work now...

so make it self ;-)


as Rustacean homework ...

as crate, can:

  • easy install
  • usage at local
  • usage after mdBook generated static site,
    • scanning .md path,
    • generat RSS.xml into export path
    • ...so we hold lasted upgrade content's RSS



If you already have a Rust environment set up, you can use the cargo install command:

$ cargo install rss4mdbook

Cargo will build the rss4mdbook binary and place it in $HOME/.cargo.

Manual installation from GitHub

Compiled binary versions of rss4mdbook are uploaded to GitHub when a release is made. You can install rss4mdbook manually by downloading a release, extracting it, and copying the binary to a directory in your $PATH, such as /usr/local/bin.

For more information,





daily usage , only one shot:

  • 0: config mdBook's book.toml, append such as:
url-base = "https://rs.101.so"
  • 1: mdbook build
  • 2: use gen command, append the lasted 4 articles as rss.xml
$ rss4mdbook gen /path/2u/mdbook/book.toml

that all, should make pub.sh under u mdBook site root, include commands like:

  • mdbook build
  • rss4mdbook gen /path/2u/mdbook/book.toml
  • git add .
  • git commit -a .
  • git push
  • ...

will auto upgrade site and RSS.


u need modify u theme/index.hbs insert the rss.xml at some where.


  • ...
  • 230308 ZQ publish 2 version
  • 230306 ZQ init.


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