yanked rsincrond

Rust rewrite of the incredibly useful but abandoned incron software

0.0.2 Mar 1, 2023


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rsincron aims to be a drop-in replacement of the, it seems, abandoned incron projected.

You'll get two executables:

  1. rsincrontab: use this to manage your table
  2. rsincrond: the daemon itself. It isn't a daemon at the moment and I don't think I'll turn it into one. Use your favourite init system to manage it.



Run cargo install rsincron.


  • rsincrontab: incrontab's sibling

    • add flags for recursion and dotdirs
    • add more verbose output
  • rsincrond: the daemon itself

    • instantiate logging (somewhere has to be written which watches are working and which aren't)
    • build some sort of same flag watch if a directory is made inside a watched one (with recursion on)
  • write every single type of test

  • cleanup and reorganize code to allow more modularity

  • write documentation


This is a very not ready piece of software. Be ready for things not working as expected.

I don't have an ETA yet since rsincron will be worked on during my spare time. Feel free to message me for suggestions, critiques, hints or contribution questions.

Also, I neved had a public repository. If you want to share some experience on how to maintain one feel welcome to do so.

Please expect lots of bugs, rsincron isn't alpha yet. It looks closer to a proof-of-concept at the moment.

Known issues

  • daemon ignores events if watched folder is deleted and recreated while running
  • no recursion is available at the moment
  • if started and watched folder isn't available daemon skips watch


~210K SLoC