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rorm-lib provides FFI bindings for rorm-db.

With the help of this crate, it is possible for other languages to use the orm.

Compile rorm-lib

In order to compile rorm-lib, a rustup installation is recommended.

## Clone the repository
git clone --recursive -b main https://github.com/rorm-orm/rorm-lib && cd rorm-lib
## To compile the current development version, use:
# git clone --recursive -b dev https://github.com/rorm-orm/rorm-lib && cd rorm-lib

# Compile the release version (optimized + no debug symbols) 
cargo build -r -p rorm-lib
## or build the debug build:
# cargo build -p rorm-lib
## or also enable the logging functionality:
# cargo build -p rorm-lib -F logging

The resulting libraries will be written to ./target/release/ or ./target/debug/ depending on the build type.

API definition

The current API definition can be generated by using cbindgen:

# Install / update cbindgen
cargo install -f cbindgen

# Generate header
cbindgen --crate rorm-lib --config cbindgen.toml --output rorm.h

The generated header file is located in ./rorm.h.

Further notes

To provide a similar experience as rorm for users, it is required to build an additional layer upon this binding as well as an interface for rorm-cli.


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