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Infrastructure for code formatting

This module defines [FormatElement], an IR to format code documents and provides a mean to print such a document to a string. Objects that know how to format themselves implement the [Format] trait.

Formatting Traits

  • [Format]: Implemented by objects that can be formatted.
  • [FormatRule]: Rule that knows how to format an object of another type. Necessary in the situation where it's necessary to implement [Format] on an object from another crate. This module defines the [FormatRefWithRule] and [FormatOwnedWithRule] structs to pass an item with its corresponding rule.
  • [FormatWithRule] implemented by objects that know how to format another type. Useful for implementing some reusable formatting logic inside of this module if the type itself doesn't implement [Format]

Formatting Macros

This crate defines two macros to construct the IR. These are inspired by Rust's fmt macros

  • format!: Formats a formatable object
  • format_args!: Concatenates a sequence of Format objects.
  • write!: Writes a sequence of formatable objects into an output buffer.


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