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Rofi Taskwarrior

Some glue to use Taskwarrior with Rofi. The practical upshot is that you can bind a key in a Linux window manager and have a quick view of your 10 most urgent tasks, and then use fuzzy searches to refine that view. Additionally, you can perform some actions on the tasks: start and stop, mark them done, and edit them.



> rofi -modi tasks:rofi-taskwarrior -show tasks

What you're seeing is purely a wrapper around task. It won't do anything you couldn't do with task from the command line. I find that having access to tasks from a keystroke (as opposed to having to bring up a terminal all the time) makes me more likely to use them.

Additionally, you can add tasks by typing their description into the rofi prompt, which makes it quick to record new tasks.

For this initial release, the "Alt-1" indications in the task menus will work, provided you haven't customized them in Rofi.

Daily use

Having to type out a rofi command in the terminal sort of defeats the streamlining purpose here. What you really want to do is to arrange for that command to be launched at a keystroke. How you do that depends on you window manager; my advice will come from Xmonad, but PRs with example configuration are welcome.

If you are using Xmonad, you can add something like

((modm, xK_r), spawn "env TERMINAL=alacritty EDITOR=nvim rofi -modi tasks:rofi-taskwarrior -show tasks &"),


You may find that, when you edit tasks, you'd rather have a different terminal - in which case, set a TERMINAL environment variable. rofi-taskwarrior uses rofi's rofi-sensible-terminal, which defaults to a specific ordering of potentially installed terminal applications. If you don't like its choice, the TERMINAL environment variable overrides that. Likewise, the choice of editor is based on task's global configuration.

Future Work

There's a few little features I still have in mind, but I'm sure other ideas will surface with usage.

It might be handy to spin off the Taskwarrior or Rofi modules as their own crates. Reach out if that would be useful to you.


rofi-taskwarrior is licensed under the Indie Code Catalog Free License, with commercial use available for purchase.


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