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Launch your Obsidian vaults from the comfort of rofi

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This project currently has 2 main goals, integrating the opening of specific obsidian vaults directly into rofi, and circumventing a shortcoming obsidian currently has, which is being unable to select which vault to open at startup.

This programs makes use of x-scheme-handler to open the program that is currently assigned to handling obsidian://* URIs.

Example installation

Using cargo

From crates.io


cargo install rofi-obsidian

From source

Clone the repository and execute:

cargo install

Using Nix


nix profile install nixpkgs#rofi-obsidian

Latest changes

nix profile install github:Nydragon/rofi-obsidian


Either add the binary to your $PATH environment variable or move it into the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/rofi/scripts folder.

Final Step

Don't forget to modify your config.rasi in the following way: Add "obsidian:rofi-obsidian" to the modes array and obsidian to combi-modes. You may circumvent step 1 and specify the entire path to the binary instead: "obsidian:/home/nico/.config/rofi/rofi-obsidian".

A minimal config example could look like this:

configuration {
    combi-modes: ["obsidian"];
    modes: ["obsidian:rofi-obsidian"]


Obsidian doesn't start

Make sure that one of the following programs is installed:

  • xdg-open
  • gio
  • gnome-open
  • kde-open

A different program starts when using the plugin

Execute the following command (or an equivalent command to inspect mime type associations):

xdg-mime query default x-scheme-handler/obsidian

It should return the executable being used to start Obsidian.


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