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bin+lib rocksd

A key-vaule and message queue server written in RUST using RocksDB as a backend

1 unstable release

Uses old Rust 2015

0.0.1 Apr 4, 2017

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MIT license



A key-vaule and message queue server written in RUST using RocksDB as a backend.



GET key Get the value of a key

SET key value [N if not exists|E expire|C compare and set] [milliseconds] Set the string value of a key

SETBIT key offset value Sets or clears the bit at offset in the string value stored at key

MGET key [key ...] Get the values of all the given keys

MSET key value [key value ...] Set multiple keys to multiple values

INCR key increment Increment the integer value of a key by the given amount


PUSH key value [value ...] Prepend one or multiple values to a list

PUSHX key value [value ...] Prepend a value to a list, only if the list exists

POP key [count] Remove and get the first or more elements in a list

Read key offset [count] Get one or more elements in a list starting at the specified offset

Remove key count Remove one or more elements in a list from the Head

SUB pattern [channel ...] Listen for messages published to the given channels


DEL key [key ...] Delete one or more key

EXISTS key [key ...] Determine if a key exists

EXPIRE key seconds Set a key's time to live in seconds

PERSIST key Remove the expiration from a key

RENAME key newkey Rename a key

RENAMENX key newkey Rename a key, only if the new key does not exist

TTL key Get the time to live for a key

TYPE key Determine the type stored at key

UNLINK key [key ...] Delete a key asynchronously in another thread. Otherwise it is just as DEL, but non blocking.

LLEN key Get the key's value length by bytes or queue' length

Count pattern Scan cursor pattern


PING [message] Ping the server

INFO [section] Get information and statistics about the server

QUIT Close the connection


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