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Simplifies integration between the Rocket web framework and Sentry application monitoring system

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Rocket Sentry

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rocket-sentry is a simple add-on for the Rocket web framework to simplify integration with the Sentry application monitoring system.

Or maybe...

"The Rocket Sentry is a static rocket-firing gun platform that is based on a Personality Construct and used in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center."

-- Half-Life wiki


Currently rocket-sentry includes two integrations:

  • Rust panic handler: when a panic happens, it is reported as a Sentry event.

  • Performance Monitoring: HTTP requests are reported as Transactions, if the sentry_traces_sample_rate setting is configured.

    Transactions currently include the following fields:

    • HTTP method
    • GET query string
    • headers
    • POST data
    • cookies
    • environment
    • URL

Pull requests welcome!


rocket-sentry can be configured via Rocket.toml (sentry_dsn=) or environment variable ROCKET_SENTRY_DSN.

To use this, add the dependency to your Cargo.toml, and add the fairing to your code:

use rocket_sentry::RocketSentry;

fn rocket() -> _ {
        // ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   add this line

Then, the Sentry integration can be enabled by adding a sentry_dsn= value to the Rocket.toml file, for example:

sentry_dsn = ""  # Disabled
sentry_dsn = "https://057006d7dfe5fff0fbed461cfca5f757@sentry.io/1111111"
sentry_traces_sample_rate = 0.2  # 20% of requests will be logged under the performance tab


The functionality can be tested with the examples/panic.rs example. Just change the Rocket.toml file and run it...

cargo run --example panic

Then try accessing this URL: http://localhost:8012/panic?msg=Is+it+time+to+panic+yet?


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