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Rockbell is a no dependencies multithreaded web server for building HTML and Markdown (coming soon) websites

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0.0.2 Mar 15, 2023
0.0.1 Mar 15, 2023

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Rockbell is a Multithreaded HTTP server built in Rust for local development.

Rockbell is a barebones HTTP (GET) server that renders HTML, CSS, and JS files. Feel free to check out the /public directory to see what the server renders when running with cargo.


You can install the crate via Cargo or by adding this line to your Cargo.toml file:

rockbell = "0.0.1"


Running this command will boot up the server and automatically connect to port 1337 in normal mode.

rockbell normal

Command Line Options

Starts the server in normal mode (no messages other than status codes and errors are printed)

rockbell normal

Starts the server in verbose mode (prints user-agent information, request status, worker status, and other basic responses)

rockbell verbose

Starts the server in debug mode (every message, including user-agent information, request status, worker status, public source code, and much more is printed)

rockbell debug

No runtime deps