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Rockbell is a no dependencies multithreaded web server for building HTML and Markdown (coming soon) websites

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0.0.3 Apr 15, 2024
0.0.2 Mar 15, 2023
0.0.1 Mar 15, 2023

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Rockbell is a Multithreaded HTTP server built in Rust for local development.

Rockbell is a barebones HTTP (GET) server that renders HTML, CSS, and JS files. Feel free to check out the /public directory to see what the server renders when running with cargo.


You can install the crate via Cargo or by adding this line to your Cargo.toml file:

rockbell = "0.0.3"


Running this command will boot up the server and automatically connect to port 1337 in normal mode.

rockbell normal

You will need a directory called public/ in the current working directory. This is how rockbell knows which HTML files to serve. There's an example of this in the repository under public/*.

Command Line Options

Starts the server in normal mode (no messages other than status codes and errors are printed)

rockbell normal

Starts the server in verbose mode (prints user-agent information, request status, worker status, and other basic responses)

rockbell verbose

Starts the server in debug mode (every message, including user-agent information, request status, worker status, public source code, and much more is printed)

rockbell debug

No runtime deps