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Rock Paper Scissor game

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This is a simple game on terminal made with Rust.


To install this on your computer, You will need Rust installed in your computer.
Then you can build with cargo build release. Then go to ./target/release and add this to you PATH. Now you can use rock-paper-scissor commande on you terminal. Have fun an enjoy ;)


Fork the repository and make your change. Satisfy ? Create a PR, I'll review you code an merge it as good as well.


To add new language, there is a few step to do:

  • Go to src/lang/ and create the json file translation.
  • Try to copy the structure of the existing translation file.
  • Open src/models/lang.rs and add inside the enum AvalaibleLang the key code for the new language, it must unique and for the convention, it should be in uppercase.
  • Then, go to the implementation for the Lang struct, in the new function you must provide the json file.
  • Finaly, insert to the main the ability to choose this language.


  • For adding new text in translation file, the key must be in english format and uppercase.
  • After that, you must insert into Lang struct the key with String type for the value.


Screen one 'FR'
Screen two 'FR'
Screen three 'MG'
Screen four 'MG'


Copyright 2022 - Chrys Rakotonimanana


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