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kdb+ bindings for Rust. Originally forked from and substantially based on the Krust cargo package by adwhit via robsmith11.

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These bindings enable Rust to be used as inside Q to add additional functionality. More generally they also enable Rust to communicate with kdb+ in a memory-safe way.

In addition to Krust, this variant features:

  • Support for macOS
  • Support for the GUID type and sd0x function call
  • Fix for kerror strings when exported from Rust to Q
  • Fixes for embedding
  • Performance features
  • Dynamic export for symbols to be weak linked
  • Helpers for querying attributes on types

This vairiant incorporates robsmith11 updates for the current rust nightly.

For an example of how to embed Rust code within Q, see demos/embed. For an example of how to perform IPC between Rust and Q, see demos/ipc.

Building for Embedding

When built for embedding, the symbols are proivded by the hosting Q process and the library must not include the duplicated functions. This requires weak linking which currently needs to be manually achived on macOS by specificing all the missing symbols that should be ignored at link time. This symbols are generated at build time as the constant rkdb::SYMBOLS and is currently used by setting .cargo/config in the library target to:

rustflags = ["-Clink-args=-Wl,-U,_ktn -Wl,-U,_knk -Wl,-U,_ku -Wl,-U,_ka -Wl,-U,_kb -Wl,-U,_kg -Wl,-U,_kh -Wl,-U,_ki -Wl,-U,_kj -Wl,-U,_ke -Wl,-U,_kf -Wl,-U,_kc -Wl,-U,_ks -Wl,-U,_kd -Wl,-U,_kz -Wl,-U,_kt -Wl,-U,_ktj -Wl,-U,_kp -Wl,-U,_kpn -Wl,-U,_xT -Wl,-U,_xD -Wl,-U,_ktd -Wl,-U,_ss -Wl,-U,_sn -Wl,-U,_ymd -Wl,-U,_dj -Wl,-U,_setm -Wl,-U,_r1 -Wl,-U,_r0 -Wl,-U,_m9 -Wl,-U,_sd1 -Wl,-U,_sd0 -Wl,-U,_sd0x -Wl,-U,_k -Wl,-U,_dl -Wl,-U,_ja -Wl,-U,_js -Wl,-U,_jk -Wl,-U,_jv -Wl,-U,_krr -Wl,-U,_orr -Wl,-U,_dot -Wl,-U,_okx -Wl,-U,_b9 -Wl,-U,_d9"]


Reference kdb-rs-hash for an example of embedding.

Building for IPC

To use this library for IPC, you will first need to compile a static library from the kx-supplied object file c.o using ar. The static library should be placed in src/c/libkdb.a.

ar rcs libkdb.a c.o
mv libkdb.so src/c

c.o can be found here.


  • 64 bit i.e. commercial version of Q >= 3.6.
  • macOS (with XCode >= 9.4.1) and Linux.
  • rustc >= 1.30.0-nightly (33b923fd4 2018-08-18)


Based substantially on adwhit and licensed under the same MIT license.


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