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A password manager that uses the file format of the standard unix password manager 'pass'

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0.6.4 Mar 4, 2023
0.6.3 Feb 22, 2023
0.6.2 Jan 13, 2023
0.6.1 Nov 29, 2022
0.3.0 Nov 30, 2019

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A simple password manager written in Rust.

The root crate ripasso is a library for accessing and decrypting passwords stored in pass format, that means PGP-encrypted files optionally stored in a git repository.

Multiple UI's in different stages of development are available in subcrates.

To build all UI's:

cargo build --all

PR's are very welcome!


This is a reimplementation of https://github.com/cortex/gopass in Rust. I started it mainly because https://github.com/go-qml/qml is unmaintained. Also, using a safe language for your passwords seems like a good idea.


Cursive - Terminal interface

Screenshot of ripasso-cursive

TUI interface based on cursive Supports password age display and password editing. I use this as my daily password-manager.


cargo build -p ripasso-cursive

QT GUI - (unstable)

Screenshot of ripasso-qt This is mostly working, but needs updates.


cargo build -p ripasso-qt

For it to run, you need to be in the qml directory.

cd qml
cargo run


Screenshot of ripasso-gtk Build

cargo build -p ripasso-gtk

Install instructions


TUI version

paru install ripasso-cursive


Available in Copr

sudo dnf copr enable atim/ripasso -y

TUI version

sudo dnf install ripasso

GTK version (unstable)

sudo dnf install ripasso-gtk

Qt version (unstable)

sudo dnf install ripasso-qt


TUI version

nix-env -iA nixpkgs.ripasso-cursive

Mac OS X

The best way to install ripasso on mac right now is the nix package system, first install that and then

nix-env -iA nixpkgs.ripasso-cursive


Ripasso-cursive is currently in the testing repository for apk, so the testing repository needs to be added to the apk repositories file.

TUI version

apk add ripasso-cursive

Build instructions

See here


Do you want to have ripasso in your native language? Help out with a translation:

See here


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