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RGCH: Rust implementation of Git Commit Handler

MIT License

A tool to handle git related commands such as: git init, git commit, git diff, git add, git push.
This is a Rust implementation of gch, which we aim to replace it.


This tool makes it easier to execute certain git commands from terminal.
Also, this rgch aims for beginners of git by showing actual commands executed in specific color.

How to Use

Show help

$ rgch --help
RGCH: v0.1.27 (bf4916e1 2020-03-17)



  # Options with ⎘ will be saved with `-s/--save`.

           Name            Save Type   Explainations                 
  CREATE │ --clone              STRING Clone remote repository.
         │ -i, --init           FLAG   Initialize repository.
  BRANCH │ -b, --branch      ⎘  STRING Specify branch name.
  CHANGE │ -l, --log            FLAG   Display log.
         │ -a, --add         ⎘  PATH   Specify path to add.
         │ -c, --commit         FLAG   Commit.
         │ -m, --merge          STRING Merge (experimental feature)
  REMOTE │ -r, --remote         STRING Specify remote repository.
         │ --pull               FLAG   Pull (fetch and rebase).
         │ -p, --push           FLAG   Push.
  EXTRAS │ --amd                FLAG   Change the last commit message.
         │ --ls                 FLAG   List up tracking file(s).
         │ -g, --gitdir      ⎘  PATH   Specify path of `.git`.
         │ -f, --force          FLAG   `-f/--force` option to `add`.
         │ -v, --verbose     ⎘  FLAG   Verbose option.
         │ -s, --save           FLAG   Save settings to TOML file.
         │ --version            FLAG   Version and compiler info.
         │ -h, --help           FLAG   Show this message and exit.

Simple command

$ rgch -c

or equivalently,

$ rgch --commit

This command executes git status --short, git diff --stat, git add . etc.
(shown as a blue line while executed)
Also, adds everything except configured in .gitignore or gch -f command.

Linked commands

Commands can be executed together in the manner below:

$ rgch -cp

This executes git commit and git push.

Further example

gch -cp -r localhost

commit, then push to the remote called localhost.

gch -cp -b test -d

Shows diff first, then commit and push.