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DB migrations

Every time a change to a DB object or table is needed, a migration has to be created.

In rgb-lib we use sea-orm tools to handle the DB and its migrations.

To generate new migrations the sea-orm-cli tool is needed. You should install the same version that has been previously used. You can find this in the src/database/entities/mod.rs file, where the first line will specify //! SeaORM Entity. Generated by sea-orm-codegen <VERSION>. Install it with:

cargo install sea-orm-cli --version <VERSION>

Then, to generate a new migration file, run:

sea-orm-cli migrate generate <migration_name>

This command will create a new file where you'll find the up and down methods (see migration/src/m20230608_071249_init_db.rs for an example). These methods will be empty and will need to be implemented in order to give instructions on how to respectively update and revert the new changes.

Once the migration file is ready, you'll need to run a local postgres DB and use it to refresh the migration and generate entities with sea-orm-cli. This is accomplished with:

docker pull postgres:latest

docker run -p --name migration-postgres \
    -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=mysecretpassword -d postgres

DATABASE_URL=postgres://postgres:mysecretpassword@localhost:5432 \
    sea-orm-cli migrate up

DATABASE_URL=postgres://postgres:mysecretpassword@localhost:5432 \
    sea-orm-cli migrate refresh

DATABASE_URL=postgres://postgres:mysecretpassword@localhost:5432/postgres \
    sea-orm-cli generate entity -o src/database/entities --expanded-format

docker rm -f migration-postgres

The command to generate entities will apply some unwanted changes, for example it will change the enum fields to integers and will remove some extra derives that we manually added. Those changes will need to be discarded, so please be sure to add only the code that is related to the new changes you just applied. To do this we suggest to first refresh the migration and generate entities with sea-orm-cli on the branch you are about to apply the DB changes on. The generated diff will only include unwanted changes, so they can be used as a reference to revert them.


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