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Rust Ethereum Virtual Machine

Revm is an EVM written in Rust that is focused on speed and simplicity. It has a fast and flexible implementation with a simple interface and embedded Host. It passes all ethereum/tests test suites.

Here is a list of guiding principles that Revm follows.

  • EVM compatibility and stability - this goes without saying but it is nice to put it here. In the blockchain industry, stability is the most desired attribute of any system.
  • Speed - is one of the most important things and most decisions are made to complement this.
  • Simplicity - simplification of internals so that it can be easily understood and extended, and interface that can be easily used or integrated into other projects.
  • interfacing - [no_std] so that it can be used as wasm lib and integrate with JavaScript and cpp binding if needed.



  • crates
    • revm -> main EVM library.
    • revm-primitives -> Primitive data types.
    • revm-interpreter -> Execution loop with instructions
    • revm-precompile -> EVM precompiles
  • bins:
    • revme: cli binary, used for running state test jsons

This project tends to use the newest rust version, so if you're encountering a build error try running rustup update first.

There were some big efforts on optimization of revm:

Building from source

git clone https://github.com/bluealloy/revm.git
cd revm
cargo build --release

Note: clang is required for building revm with c-kzg or secp256k1 feature flags as they depend on C libraries. If you don't have it installed, you can install it with apt install clang.

Running eth tests

go to cd bins/revme/

Download eth tests from (this will take some time): git clone https://github.com/ethereum/tests

run tests with command: cargo run --release -- statetest tests/GeneralStateTests/ tests/LegacyTests/Constantinople/GeneralStateTests

GeneralStateTests contains all tests related to EVM.

Running benchmarks

Benches can be found in crates/revm/benches.

Currently, available benches include the following.

  • analysis
  • snailtracer
  • transfer

To run the snailtracer bench, execute the cargo bench subcommand below.

cargo bench --package revm --profile release -- snailtracer

Using flamegraph, you can create a visualization breaking down the runtime of various sections of the bench execution - a flame graph. Executing the cargo flamegraph subcommand requires installing flamegraph by running cargo install flamegraph.

cargo flamegraph --root --freq 4000 --min-width 0.001 --package revm --bench bench -- snailtracer

This command will produce a flamegraph image output to flamegraph.svg. Flamegraph also requires sudo mode to run (hence the --root cli arg) and will prompt you for your password if not in sudo mode already.

Running examples

cargo run -p revm --features ethersdb --example fork_ref_transact

Generate block traces and write them to json files in a new traces/ directory. Each file corresponds to a transaction in the block and is named as such: <tx index>.json.

cargo run -p revm --features std,serde,ethersdb --example generate_block_traces

Used by:

  • Foundry is a blazing fast, portable and modular toolkit for Ethereum application development written in Rust.
  • Helios is a fully trustless, efficient, and portable Ethereum light client written in Rust.
  • Reth Modular, contributor-friendly and blazing-fast implementation of the Ethereum protocol
  • Arbiter is a framework for stateful Ethereum smart-contract simulation
  • Zeth is an open-source ZK block prover for Ethereum built on the RISC Zero zkVM.
  • ...

(If you want to add project to the list, ping me or open the PR)


The book can be found at github page here: https://bluealloy.github.io/revm/

The documentation (alas needs some love) can be found here: https://bluealloy.github.io/revm/docs/

To serve the mdbook documentation in a local environment, ensure you have mdbook installed (if not install it with cargo) and then run:

mdbook serve documentation


There is public telegram group: https://t.me/+Ig4WDWOzikA3MzA0

Or if you want to contact me directly, here is my email: dragan0rakita@gmail.com and telegram: https://t.me/draganrakita


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