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Small Rust wrapper around the RetroMMO API.


The library provides a prelude which exports all relevant types and functions.

// Cargo.toml
retrommo-fetch = "0.1.0"

// main.rs
use retrommo_fetch::prelude::*;

Available Functions

get_leaderboard() -> Leaderboard

Returns an iterator over the leaderboard pages.

Note: This is a non-async function. If you are calling it within an async context, you must use a blocking thread, like tokio::task::block_in_place.

let mut leaderboard = get_leaderboard();

let page1 = leaderboard.try_next()?;
println!("Page 1: {:?}", page1);

let page2 = leaderboard.try_next()?;
println!("Page 2: {:?}", page2);

get_player(username: String) -> Result<Player, Error>

Returns a Player struct with the given username.

let player = get_player("Gliss").await?;
println!("{:#?}", player);

// Player {
//     rank: 25,
//     registered_at: 2020-11-10T05:05:02Z,
//     username: "Gliss",
//     time_played: 1009554.2688390692,
//     permissions: 0,
//     lifetime_experience: 313320,
// }

get_leaderboard_page(page: u32) -> Result<Leaderboard, Error>

Returns a Leaderboard struct with all the player entries on the given page. If no page is given (None), the first page is returned.

This is 100 entries per page maximum.

let page = get_leaderboard_page(Some(4)).await?;
for entry in page {
    println!("{:?}", entry);

get_top_players() -> Result<LeaderboardPage, Error>

Returns a LeaderboardPage struct with the top 100 players. This is just an alias for get_leaderboard_page(None) or get_leaderboard_page(Some(1)).

get_online_players() -> Result<OnlineList, Error>

Returns a Vec of players that are currently online. Note that this is only their usernames (String).

get_online_players_full() -> Result<Vec<Player>, Error>

Returns a Vec of Player structs that are currently online. Be careful of using this if many players are online, as it may require many requests to the API due to limitations.

get_registered_player_count() -> Result<u64, Error>

Returns the total number of registered players.


retrommo-fetch source code is dual-licensed under either

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