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Generic request/response protocols.

General Usage

RequestResponse is a NetworkBehaviour that implements a generic request/response protocol or protocol family, whereby each request is sent over a new substream on a connection. RequestResponse is generic over the actual messages being sent, which are defined in terms of a RequestResponseCodec. Creating a request/response protocol thus amounts to providing an implementation of this trait which can then be given to RequestResponse::new. Further configuration options are available via the RequestResponseConfig.

Requests are sent using RequestResponse::send_request and the responses received as RequestResponseMessage::Response via RequestResponseEvent::Message.

Responses are sent using RequestResponse::send_response upon receiving a RequestResponseMessage::Request via RequestResponseEvent::Message.

Protocol Families

A single RequestResponse instance can be used with an entire protocol family that share the same request and response types. For that purpose, RequestResponseCodec::Protocol is typically instantiated with a sum type.

Limited Protocol Support

It is possible to only support inbound or outbound requests for a particular protocol. This is achieved by instantiating RequestResponse with protocols using ProtocolSupport::Inbound or ProtocolSupport::Outbound. Any subset of protocols of a protocol family can be configured in this way. Such protocols will not be advertised during inbound respectively outbound protocol negotiation on the substreams.


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