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Offsets of fields for types with a stable layout

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0.2.1 Jan 30, 2021
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0.1.1 Jul 30, 2020
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repr_offset allows computing and safely using field offsets from types with a defined layout.

Currently only #[repr(C)]/#[repr(C,packed)]/#[repr(C,align)] structs are supported.


These are some of the features this library provides:

  • The ReprOffset derive macro, which outputs associated constants with the offsets of fields, and implements the GetFieldOffset trait for each field.

  • The FieldOffset type (how offsets are represented), with methods for operating on a field through a pointer to the struct, including getting a reference(or pointer) to the field.

  • The unsafe_struct_field_offsets macro as an alternative to the ReprOffset derive macro, most useful when the "derive" feature is disabled.

  • The GetFieldOffset trait, for getting the FieldOffset for a field, and the OFF!, off, PUB_OFF!, and pub_off macros for getting the FieldOffset for a field with a convenient syntax.

  • The extension traits from the ext module, which define methods for operating on a field, given a FieldOffset.


For examples you can look at the examples section of the documentation for the root module of the repr_offset crate

Future plans

None for now.

Cargo features

These are the cargo features in repr_offset:

  • derive (disabled by default): Re-exports the ReprOffset derive macro from the repr_offset_derive crate.

  • "for_examples" (disabled by default): Enables the for_examples module, with types used in documentation examples.

Adding the "derive" feature to the Cargo.toml file:

repr_offset = { version = "0.2", features = ["derive"] }

no-std support

This library is unconditionally #![no_std],and that is unlikely to change in the future.

Minimum Rust version

This crate support Rust back to 1.41.0.


Licensed under the Zlib license