Cargo Features

rendy = { version = "0.5.1", default-features = false, features = ["serde-1", "command", "descriptor", "factory", "frame", "graph", "init", "init-winit", "memory", "mesh", "shader", "resource", "texture", "wsi", "empty", "dx12", "gl", "metal", "vulkan", "no-slow-safety-checks", "profiler", "base", "mesh-obj", "texture-image", "texture-palette", "shader-compiler", "spirv-reflection", "full"] }

Enables serde-1 of rendy-core, rendy-factory, rendy-mesh, rendy-shader, and rendy-texture

command base factory? = rendy-command

Rendy subcrates

descriptor base factory? = rendy-descriptor
factory base frame? mesh? shader? texture? = command, descriptor, rendy-factory, resource, wsi
frame base graph? = factory, rendy-frame
graph base = frame, rendy-graph
init base = rendy-init

Enables winit of rendy-init

memory base resource? = rendy-memory
mesh base mesh-obj? = factory, rendy-mesh
shader base = factory, rendy-shader
resource base factory? = memory, rendy-resource
texture base texture-image? texture-palette? = factory, rendy-texture
wsi base factory? = rendy-wsi

Common core features

Enables empty of rendy-core


Enables dx12 of rendy-core


Enables gl of rendy-core


Enables metal of rendy-core


Enables vulkan of rendy-core


Enables no-slow-safety-checks of rendy-core


Enables thread_profiler of thread_profiler


Required for testing using the profile_scope!() macro

base default full? = command, descriptor, factory, frame, graph, init, memory, mesh, resource, shader, texture, wsi

Base feature enables all subcrates

mesh-obj full? = mesh

Subcrate features relay.

Enables obj of rendy-mesh

texture-image full? = texture

Enables image of rendy-texture

texture-palette full? = texture

Enables palette of rendy-texture

shader-compiler default full?

Enables shader-compiler of rendy-shader

spirv-reflection default full?

Enables spirv-reflection of rendy-shader

full = base, mesh-obj, shader-compiler, spirv-reflection, texture-image, texture-palette

Full feature set - all listed features except rendy-core's.

default = base, shader-compiler, spirv-reflection

Default feature set includes all subcrates and few commonly used features.

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

rendy-command command?
rendy-descriptor descriptor?
rendy-factory factory? serde-1?
rendy-frame frame?
rendy-graph graph?
rendy-init init? init-winit?
rendy-memory memory?
rendy-mesh mesh? mesh-obj? serde-1?
rendy-shader serde-1? shader? shader-compiler spirv-reflection
rendy-resource resource?
rendy-texture serde-1? texture? texture-image? texture-palette?
rendy-wsi wsi?