Cargo Features

regorus = { version = "0.2.1", default-features = false, features = ["no_std", "std", "arc", "ast", "base64url", "coverage", "crypto", "hex", "http", "glob", "graph", "jsonschema", "jwt", "opa-runtime", "regex", "semver", "time", "uuid", "urlquery", "yaml", "full-opa", "deprecated", "opa-no-std", "opa-testutil", "rand"] }
default = arc, full-opa

These default features are set whenever regorus is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

no_std opa-no-std?

Enables spin_no_std of lazy_static

std full-opa

Enables std and std_rng of rand, std of serde_json

arc default opa-no-std?

Enables arc of scientific

base64 base64url full-opa opa-no-std?

Enables data-encoding

coverage full-opa opa-no-std?

Affects regorus::coverage

crypto full-opa opa-no-std?

Enables constant_time_eq, hex, hmac, md-5, sha1, and sha2



hex full-opa opa-no-std?

Enables data-encoding

http full-opa
glob full-opa

Enables wax

graph full-opa opa-no-std?
jsonschema full-opa

Enables jsonschema

jwt full-opa

Enables data-encoding, itertools, and jsonwebtoken

opa-runtime full-opa opa-no-std?
regex full-opa opa-no-std?

Enables regex

semver full-opa opa-no-std?

Enables semver

time full-opa

Enables chrono and chrono-tz ^0.8.5

uuid full-opa

Enables uuid

urlquery full-opa

Enables url

yaml full-opa = serde_yaml
full-opa default = base64, base64url, coverage, crypto, deprecated, glob, graph, hex, http, jsonschema, jwt, opa-runtime, regex, semver, std, time, urlquery, uuid, yaml
deprecated full-opa opa-no-std?

Affects builtins::deprecated

opa-no-std = arc, base64, base64url, coverage, crypto, deprecated, graph, hex, no_std, opa-runtime, regex, semver

Features that can be used in no_std environments.
Note that: the spin_no_std feature in lazy_static must be specified.

Enables spin_no_std of lazy_static


This feature enables some testing utils for OPA tests.

rand std?

Enables rand

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

serde_yaml yaml?