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A simple command line utility for writing regex checks. Currently only matches a full string against a pattern. Non-matching strings will return an exit code of 1. Matching strings will return 0.


Simply use cargo to install from crates.io.

$ cargo install regex-cli-test

Example: Matching from standard input

$ if echo -n "a" | regex '\w'
> then
> echo "Matches!"
> fi

Example: Standard input pattern

$ echo -n "\w+" | regex - hello && echo "Matches!"

Example: Verbose output

Verbose output is useful for debugging.

$ echo "a" | regex '\w' -v
Raw pattern: \w
Raw haystack: <none provided>
Taking haystack from standard input.
Pattern: \w
Haystack: a

Line terminator: \n
Case ignored? false
Whitespace ignored? false
Dotall? false
Multiline? false
Octal? false
Greed swapped? false
Unicode? true
Haystack does not match the specified pattern.


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