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ICC color management library

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0.1.0 Apr 1, 2020

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An ICC color management library; heavily based on Little CMS.

Currently sparsely implemented and prone to crashing from a todo!().

What this library will do:

  • read and write ICC profiles
  • create pipelines to transform colors between profiles

What this library will not do:

  • efficiently transform big arrays of pixels
  • handle pixel formats

To facilitate alternate implementations of color transforms (e.g. on the GPU), all pipeline internals are exposed in the API.


Color management library.

Heavily based on Little CMS.


Converting a Color from sRGB to Display P3

See link for details on linking color profiles.

# use rcms::{*, color::*, link::link, profile::Intent};
let srgb_profile = IccProfile::new_srgb();
let p3_profile = IccProfile::new_display_p3();

// a light-bluish color in sRGB
// colors are represented as arrays of floating-point numbers, usually in the range
// from 0 to 1.
let some_color = [0.3, 0.5, 0.9];

// create a transform from sRGB to Display P3
let transform_pipeline = link(
    &[&srgb_profile, &p3_profile],
    &[Intent::Perceptual, Intent::Perceptual],
    &[false, false],
    &[0., 0.],
).expect("failed to create color transform");

// this array will hold the output color in Display P3
let mut out_color = [0.; 3];
transform_pipeline.transform(&some_color, &mut out_color);

// reference values from ColorSync
let out_reference: [f64; 3] = [0.3462, 0.4949, 0.8724];

// check that apart from floating point inaccuracies, the output color is correct
assert!((out_color[0] - out_reference[0]).abs() < 1e-3);
assert!((out_color[1] - out_reference[1]).abs() < 1e-3);
assert!((out_color[2] - out_reference[2]).abs() < 1e-3);


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