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10.2.0 (current) Rating: Positive Thoroughness: Low Understanding: Medium

by niklasf on 2021-10-17

All soundness issues have been fixed and unsafe code is no longer used casually. Some transmutes from raw CPUID data to structs remain, but now with comments explaining why they are safe.

The current version of raw-cpuid is 10.2.0.

8.1.2 (older version) Rating: Negative Thoroughness: High Understanding: Medium

by niklasf on 2021-01-17

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The crate has multiple soundness issues.

Most importantly, it performs transmutes that are most likely unsound or at best incorrect (

Further, for machines that do not support CPUID (arguably rare, when ignoring SGX), it incorrectly exposes the unsafe core::arch::__cpuid_count() as a safe function. (The safety requirement is that the CPUID instruction is supported,

Soundness issues aside, there are some minor issues.