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Really…? Another Logging Library? Yes! Incredibly Intuitive & Simple

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Really...? Another Logging Library?

Yes! :P

rall is an incredibly simple and intuitive logger, consider this crate a failure if you can't get setup within 30 seconds!

Feature Set

  • Logging Levels
  • Coloured Output
  • Options for Datetime, Current Function, Line Number, Custom Colours, etc.
  • Custom Formatting
  • File support

And much more to come... soon™!

Quick Start

For the fastest setup possible, declarative macros are exposed that have a predefined format. This is to allow hassle-free and painless setup that will let you log instantly!

use rall::{debug, error, fatal, info, trace, warn};

// Log Out To Standard Output
trace!("My Best Friend Hazel :D");
debug!("My Best Friend Hazel :D");
info!("My Best Friend Hazel :D");
warn!("My Best Friend Hazel :D");
error!("My Best Friend Hazel :D");
fatal!("My Best Friend Hazel :D");

Windows Output

Windows Logs

Unix Output

Unix Logs

Author Notes

I'm still incredibly early in my Rust journey and so I wanted to get comfortable and try to pick my own brain about exposing different API's in a Rust crate. I hope to expose an intuitive and easy to understand API design that users can instantly get started with.


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