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Retest makes it simple to automate black box regression testing on Windows and Unix

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Retest is used to automate black box regression testing.

Retest is provided both as an application, and as a library.

Retest Application

The retest application works by reading a retest plan (.rt plain text file) and either generating expected files or generating actual files and comparing them with previously generated expecteds, reporting any discrepencies. (It can also be used purely to generate files.)

All you need to do to use retest (beyond the easy one-off process of installing it), is to create a suitable retest plan file for each application you want to test.

For documentation, source code, and precompiled retest.exe for 64-bit Windows, visit the retest home page.

If you have rust installed, the retest application can be downloaded and installed using cargo install qtrac-retest (the executable is called retest or retest.exe).

Retest Library

Retest can also be used as a rust library. This provides two APIs, one for creating retest plans using retest plan (.rt) files, and the other for creating plans using pure code. Once a plan is created by either API it can then be generated or retested.

For your Cargo.toml we recommend using:

retest = { package = "qtrac-retest", version = "4" }

Then, in your crate root, for Rust 2015 add extern crate retest, and for Rust 2018 or later simply add use retest.

crates.io docs


Retest is free open source software (FOSS) licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).


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