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Generator of Rust-Qt crates

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0.0.0 Jan 7, 2019

MIT license

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Generator of Rust-Qt crates.

See README of the repository root for more information about other parts of the project.


Clone the project, compile and run with cargo:

git clone https://github.com/rust-qt/cpp_to_rust.git
cd cpp_to_rust/qt_generator/qt_generator
cargo run --release -- --help

All options passed to cargo after -- are passed to qt_generator. For example:

cargo run --release -- -c /path/to/cache -o /path/to/output -l all

Output directory will contain the generated crates. Cache directory is used for temporary files and inter-library generation.


In addition to cpp_to_rust_generator dependencies, qt_generator requires libsqlite3-dev for parsing documentation. If libsqlite3 is not installed system-wide, setting SQLITE3_LIB_DIR environment variable may be required.

qmake of the target Qt installation must be available in PATH (for both the generator and the Qt crates).


~537K SLoC