Cargo Features

pyo3-build-config has no features set by default.

pyo3-build-config = { version = "0.21.2", features = ["resolve-config", "extension-module", "abi3", "abi3-py37", "abi3-py38", "abi3-py39", "abi3-py310", "abi3-py311", "abi3-py312", "python3-dll-a"] }

Attempt to resolve a Python interpreter config for building in the build script. If this feature isn't enabled, the build script no-ops.

Affects pyo3-build-config::use_pyo3_cfgs, pyo3-build-config::get, pyo3-build-config::pyo3_build_script_impl.resolve_interpreter_config


This feature is enabled by pyo3 when building an extension module.

abi3 abi3-py312?

These features are enabled by pyo3 when building Stable ABI extension modules.

abi3-py37 = abi3-py38
abi3-py38 abi3-py37? = abi3-py39
abi3-py39 abi3-py38? = abi3-py310
abi3-py310 abi3-py39? = abi3-py311
abi3-py311 abi3-py310? = abi3-py312
abi3-py312 abi3-py311? = abi3

Features from optional dependencies

python3-dll-a implicit feature

Enables python3-dll-a


Standalone python3(y).dll import library generator