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Puma is an embedded relational database

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0.0.0 Feb 24, 2019




Its the Big Cat.


Puma aims to provide a data foundation for Organism which helps expose the network state through a SQL Interface.

Unlike using a key value store or a a full fledged RDMS we are building PUMA to address the needs of systems like organism. We need to open the state of the system to developers so they can create applications and gain structured meaning. For example Network explorers should be able to leverage an Organism Full Node as there backend. Furthermore having Specific Queries trigger certain events become nativly supported. This is just a small window into the flexability developers will be able to gain to the Organism network state directly through a full node.

We care about data durabilty first and foremost. Performance is what we will work to optimze over time.

Having Native Branching and Merging Support Like GIT allows us to maintain chain forks and efficnetly apply rollbacks and reorgs as needed. Having this be native at the database layer not only makes it less error prone to handle chain state changes but is not a widely feature set in a RDMS.

Long Term Maybe we can become the new SQLite ;)


  • SQL
  • Branching & Merging
  • Its just a library, Open Source so you can build and extened for other usecases too :)

No runtime deps