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no-std pulz-arena

A generational arena allocator with compact generational indices

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A generational arena allocator inspired by generational-arena with compact generational indices.

When you insert a value into the arena, you get an index-pointer in return. You can then use this index-pointer to access the provided value.


use pulz_arena::{Arena,Index};

let mut arena = Arena::new();

// insert some elements and remember the returned index
let a = arena.insert("foo");
let b = arena.insert("bar");

// access inserted elements by returned index
assert_eq!("bar", arena[b]);

// there are also the "checked" versions `get` and `get_mut` that returns Option. 
assert_eq!(Some(&"foo"), arena.get(a));

// items can be removed efficiently
assert_eq!(Some("foo"), arena.remove(a));


This crate should also work without std. No additional configuration required.


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