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Rust implementation of the PsychonautWiki API. Used in the terminal_psychonautica project.

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0.1.0 Jun 2, 2022

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This crate/library provides an easy-to-use API to access data from Psychonaut Wiki, a wiki which contains information about substances.

Overview (=w=)

This API provides a simple function which returns a data structure containing all information the wiki has about a substance with a given name.

This API is used in other projects such as terminal_psychonautica, which can be used as an example of how this API is used; despite that, this is not needed since it is a very simple API.

Usage & Examples </>

  • Add the Crate to your project
psychonaut_wiki_api = "0.1.0"
  • Fetch information for any substance
use psychonaut_wiki_api::query_substance;

async fn main() {
    let result = query_substance(&"LSD".to_string()).await;

    // The function may return an error, hence the match pattern.
    match result {
        Ok(data) => {
            // Print out data about the substance to the console.
            // Use the data returned in whichever way you please.
            for substance in data.substances.unwrap() {
                println!("Name: {:?}", substance.name);
                println!("Routes Of Administration: {:?}", substance.routes_of_administration);
                println!("Effects: {:?}", substance.effects);
        Err(error) => {
            // Feel free to contact me about any errors!
            println!("Error: {}", error);

@-Some Notes-@

  • This crate uses the Tokio async runtime, as making requests in a synchronous manner is slower.
  • If a substance is not found, the substances vector will simply be None.
  • This Crate is an independent project by me.
  • This Crate is early, feel free to contribute, use, or give feedback! You can contact me on diinki@imp.works.


This crate is licensed under the permissive MIT License.


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