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pseudoterm Crates.io

Low-level library for creating PTYs and getting related properties. Aimed to be cross platform, and so far has Unix and Redox OS support.

Yet another?

I know there are lots of crates for opening PTYs, but I really wanted to make my own.

Key features of this one:

  • Low-level. You get access to the file handles directly.
  • Comes bundled with related features, like setting the terminal to raw mode.
  • Redox OS support from the start


See the examples/ directory.


If you've seen the docs, you'll notice there are stuff like TermiosSetter and WinsizeSetter. This is a part of the design that makes Redox OS support special. In redox, when setting the window size you need to do the following:

  • Open a file that controls the window size
  • Get the window size
  • (Close the file?)
  • (Reopen the file?)
  • Set the window size
  • Close the file

What pseudoterm does is let you get/set without opening/closing the file each time.