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A small command line tool to set proxy configuration on Windows.

Why does it exists

Using command-line only windows version (Core or Nano) behind a proxy can be problematic: some windows applications use IE settings but there is no good way to set them, other use WinHTTP settings that netsh winhttp can configure but it's not available on latest nano server images.

proxyconf aim to be a simple command line tool that can do this configuration and is suitable to use in containers (Docker).

Sample usage

FROM microsoft/nanoserver:1803

COPY proxyconf.exe .
RUN proxyconf set proxy "*.my-company;<local>" \
    && proxyconf winhttp proxy "*.my-company;<local>"

Command line

  • proxyconf show Show the current proxy configuration
  • proxyconf set Set the current user proxy configuration. One of theses must be specified:
    • no-proxy No proxy should be used.
    • auto-detect Automatically detect settings. Windows will use the Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol or fallback to direct connection
    • proxy <ADDRESS:PORT> [BYPASS_LIST] Use an hardcoded proxy (or proxies, see below) with an optional bypass list.
    • setup-script <URL> Use Proxy auto-config (PAC) from the specified URL.
  • proxyconf winhttp Set the system-wide winhttp proxy configuration. One of theses must be specified:
    • no-proxy No proxy should be used.
    • proxy <ADDRESS:PORT> [BYPASS_LIST] Use an hardcoded proxy (or proxies, see below) with an optional bypass list.

Common values:

  • ADDRESS:PORT The proxy server and optional port to use.
    Can also be a list of protocol=address:port separated by semicolons (;). The protocols are http, https, ftp and socks.
  • BYPASS_LIST Optional list of addresses that bypass the proxy separated by semicolons (;).
    Use <local> to bypass all short name hosts.
    Default to <local> if not specified.

What can be changed

Internet options

Per-user settings (by default, there is a registry flag to have system ones) used by Internet Explorer initially and now by most applications.

They can be edited in the GUI from Internet Explorer settings or on recent versions of Windows directly from the control panel.

WinHTTP settings

A binary key storing settings for applications using the WinHTTP programming interface. It doesn't support much more than a static proxy but it's supported by services like windows update.

Technical information

This tool set some specific keys in the registry, with the following format:

Binary/Modern Internet Options

Stored as a REG_BINARY value.

  • One key per connection exists under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections with the default one for LAN under DefaultConnectionSettings.
  • If HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings key ProxySettingsPerUser is 1 (DWORD) the same location is used in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE instead and the settings are global.
  • The WinHTTP settings use an old version in a value named WinHttpSettings under the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections

I know of 3 versions:

  • 0x28 Used by netsh winhttp
  • 0x3C Used in IE 6
  • 0x46 Used since IE 7 and still used in IE 11 / Windows 10

The (undocumented) format is (With all values in little endian):

  • version: u32 Version number
  • counter: u32 An incremential counter used to detect changes.
  • configuration_bits: u32 A bit field with the following bits:
    • 1 Always set
    • 2 Use manual proxy
    • 3 Use setup script (version >= 0x3C)
    • 4 Automatically detect settings (version >= 0x3C)
  • proxy_address_len: u32 Length of the proxy address string.
  • proxy_addres: Vec<u8> Proxy address (ASCII).
  • bypass_list_len: u32 Length of the bypass list string.
  • bypass_list: Vec<u8> Bypass list (ASCII).
  • setup_script_len: u32 Length of the setup script url string. (version >= 0x3C)
  • setup_script: Vec<u8> Setup script url (ASCII). (version >= 0x3C)
  • 28 unknown bytes for version 0x3C, 32 for version 0x46

Values/Legacy Internet Options

They aren't used anymore but are kept for applications that might access them directly, the GUI set them when a change is done but doesn't read it. They are stored in the registry key HKCU:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections.


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